Text 28 Jun 1 note This is (sort of) the end

I don’t why it is, probably Google fucking it up, but since April, new visitors to this tumblr have dropped, from hundreds a week… to zero. Weeks will go by without a single hit.

So until further notice, the daily posts are suspended. For all the people who follow me in their tumblr dashboards, who have loved and/or reblogged the photos I’ve taken, don’t give up.

All is not lost: new material will be crossposted here from my Instagram account, albeit with a somewhat erratic frequency.


Photo 27 Jun 6 notes
Photo 26 Jun It is an illusion

It is an illusion

Photo 25 Jun 1 note Respect, peace, nature

Respect, peace, nature

Photo 24 Jun Woman with fringe, by Alice

Woman with fringe, by Alice

Photo 23 Jun 15 notes The thinker

The thinker

Photo 22 Jun 1 note
Photo 21 Jun Kim Jong-Il and a hula hoop

Kim Jong-Il and a hula hoop

Photo 20 Jun For your pleasure

For your pleasure

Photo 19 Jun Saki and bitches

Saki and bitches

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